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Quantified Financial Partners was created by Alex Collins and Ryan Burklo. Alex and Ryan agree that traditional methodology fell short of helping clients truly reach their goals. Focus on the traditional rate of return model drives consumers toward more aggressive portfolio choices often unnecessarily. This has the added negative effects of lifestyle inflation, lack of preparation, and under protected income and assets. Our philosophy is to take clients through a personal, integrated and transparent financial planning process.   


Our industry has made the public more guarded through breaks in trust and a sales based structure. Our goal is to use a personal coaching approach to educate our clients and empower them to make better financial decisions. Rather than selling a plan to our clients we come up alongside them so that they feel comfortable and knowledgeable to hold strategy through volatile markets.


We balance location and coordinate financial resources instead of focusing merely on allocation. It’s not about any one product rather the overall strategy and financial balance. In the age of over information and the proliferation of financial services, there has been a lack of coordination between financial professionals. This has led to financial disorganization and dramatic cash flow inefficiencies.


The financial industry has invented increasingly complex products that are convoluted and obscures understanding of mechanics and cost. This obfuscates the authenticity and trust of the industry with the public. Our goal is to eliminate conflicts of interest and be transparent.

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